Här kommer beskrivningen på mitt pannband på svenska!

Here is the description of my headband in Swedish. Clich here for it in English.


Du behöver: Garn och stickor som ger dig en stickfasthet: 10 maskor=10cm. Jag använde lovika garn jag fått av min mormor och stickor nr 4.


Lägg upp 18 maskor.

Varv 1 och 5: Rätt

Varv 2, 4 och 6 (alla aviga varv): Avigt
Varv 3: 3rm, *Lyft över 3 m på en flätsticka och håll bakom arbetet, 3 rm, stick flätstickans 3 rm rätt* upprepa från * till* 2ggr sammanlagt, 3rm.
Varv 7: *Lyft över 3rm på en flätsticka och håll framför arb, 3rm, sticka flätstickans 3 m rätt* upprepa från till3 ggr.
Varv 8: Avigt.
Upprepa V1-8 tills pannbandet passar runt ditt huvud när du drar i det lite. Sista varvet som stickas skall vara på rätsidan.
Med avigsidan mot dig: 3rm, 2 rm tills, 8rm, 2 rm tills, 3rm (=16m)

Sticka nu ett varv rätt och ett varv avigt.

Knapphål: 1rm, 2rm tills, 1 omsl, 4rm, 2rm tills, 1 omsl, 3rm, 1 omsl, 2rm.

Sticka 3v rätstickning.

Avmaska så här: 3rm, stick in vänster sticka i första maskan på höger sticka. Dra den första maskan över de andra två maskorna och av den högra stickan. 1rm. Forstsätt som tidigare.

Sy på knappar och fäst trådar. 



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Summer hat

It´s getting harder and harder to get crafty stuff done, with Tuva wanting my attention. But while she had a little nap today I manage to make this hat. Maybe a bit too small but it was so easy to make that I think I can make a bigger one soon.


Pattern in Swedish found here.


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Quilt for Tuva

We made this quilt for Tuva before she was born.

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Pot holder

I had a little break from my two big projects (making a quilt for our bed and knitting a cardigan) and made this pot holder. The pattern can be found here in English and Swedish.

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324 pieces of material that one day will result in a quilt.

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Replanting all our plants made it feel like spring is not too far away. Dave also planted some seeds that one day will be planted out in our allotment.

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I´m right now in a bread making phase, learning to make bread with sourdough. I can´t stop being amazed how a mixture of flour (the sourdough) makes the bread rise. I´m not just making sourdough bread, yeast I found is still more reliable. These bread buns are made with yeast. And here you can find the recipe.

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Dave Has a New Blog

Dave has a blog.

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Pannband/ Headband

I have  a friend called Helena. Helena´s got skills, lots of skills, like blogging skills, baking skills and sewing skills. The skill that has inspired me most is her knitting. Helena made a cardigan Emma made a cardigan, Helena made a scarf, Emma made a scarf, Helena made a Headband and now I´ve made a headband.

Needed: Wool and needles that gives you the gauge 10 sts= 10cm. I used some yarn I got from my granny together with 4 mm needles.

knitting abbreviations

Pattern repeat:

Row 1 and 5: Knit

Row 2, 4 and 6: Purl

Row 3: K3 (sl 3 sts onto cn, hold in back, K3, K3 from cn) repeat from ( to ) 2 times, k3

Row 7: (sl 3 sts onto cn, hold in front, K3, K3 from cn) repeat from ( to ) 3 times.

Row 8: Purl


CO 18 sts.

Work in pattern until the headband fits around your head when you stretch it a little, end on RS.

With WS facing: K3, K2tog, K8, K2tog, K3 (=16sts)

Now knit one row and purl one row.

Make buttonholes: K1, K2tog, YO, K4, K2tog, YO, K3, K2tog, YO, K2.

Work three rows in stockinette stitch.

Bind off like this: K3, put the left needle into the first stitch on the right needle. Pull the first stitch over the other 2 sts and off the right needle. Knit one more and continue like before.

Sew on buttons and weave in ends.

If anything is unclear in the pattern or you need help with anything, don´t hesitate to ask! Do also say if you want the pattern in swedish.


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The Glow Worm

a film about being scared of the dark. including an extra clip from Christmas.

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