Pannband/ Headband

I have  a friend called Helena. Helena´s got skills, lots of skills, like blogging skills, baking skills and sewing skills. The skill that has inspired me most is her knitting. Helena made a cardigan Emma made a cardigan, Helena made a scarf, Emma made a scarf, Helena made a Headband and now I´ve made a headband.

Needed: Wool and needles that gives you the gauge 10 sts= 10cm. I used some yarn I got from my granny together with 4 mm needles.

knitting abbreviations

Pattern repeat:

Row 1 and 5: Knit

Row 2, 4 and 6: Purl

Row 3: K3 (sl 3 sts onto cn, hold in back, K3, K3 from cn) repeat from ( to ) 2 times, k3

Row 7: (sl 3 sts onto cn, hold in front, K3, K3 from cn) repeat from ( to ) 3 times.

Row 8: Purl


CO 18 sts.

Work in pattern until the headband fits around your head when you stretch it a little, end on RS.

With WS facing: K3, K2tog, K8, K2tog, K3 (=16sts)

Now knit one row and purl one row.

Make buttonholes: K1, K2tog, YO, K4, K2tog, YO, K3, K2tog, YO, K2.

Work three rows in stockinette stitch.

Bind off like this: K3, put the left needle into the first stitch on the right needle. Pull the first stitch over the other 2 sts and off the right needle. Knit one more and continue like before.

Sew on buttons and weave in ends.

If anything is unclear in the pattern or you need help with anything, don´t hesitate to ask! Do also say if you want the pattern in swedish.



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14 responses to “Pannband/ Headband

  1. Sofia Morgan

    Åh, så så fint!

    Men svårt…tror inte ja skulle kunna fixa ‘purles’en’…hmm

    kram på re

  2. Matilda

    Så fint ditt pannband blev!

  3. Elisabet

    skiiitfint Ems!

  4. Suzanne

    Love the pattern! I am wondering if you could tell me what weight of yarn you used. I see the gauge you recommended, but just wondering if you could give more information on the weight. Thanks!

    • Thank you Suzanne! This is my first pattern so just say if there is more things I missed! The yarn is left over yarn from my granny so that’s why I wasn´t sure about the weight. Although if I put the headband (with buttons on my kitchen scale it shows the weight of 50 grams so that should be enough.

  5. Cool! Let me know how it goes!

  6. sia

    Hej! Otroligt fint pannband. Blir sugen på att försöka mug på det själv men förstår inte riktigt de engelska instruktionerna. Har du möjlighet att mejla den svenska versionen, eller har du postat den nånstans?

  7. Hej. Jätte fint pannband, just ett sådant som jag letar efter.
    Jag skulle så gärna vlija ha det på svenska, du skriver att du kan ordna det.
    Vore verkligen tacksam om du kunde ordna det för mig.
    Mitt barnbarn skulle bli överlycklig om mormor gör ett sådant åt henne.
    Men vänlig hälsning Tuula

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  9. Your patterns are so lovely–thank you for sharing in English (altho’ I love your country and wish I spoke the language).

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