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I´m right now in a bread making phase, learning to make bread with sourdough. I can´t stop being amazed how a mixture of flour (the sourdough) makes the bread rise. I´m not just making sourdough bread, yeast I found is still more reliable. These bread buns are made with yeast. And here you can find the recipe.


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Home-made glögg

The British equivalent to glögg is mulled wine.

The recipe following is in Swedish. If you´re not living in Sweden and want to drink it try IKEA.
  • 5L svagdricka
  • 2 kg socker
  • 50 g jäst
  • 5 st skivade potatisar
  • 1 dl hela nejlikor
  • 1 liten påse kardemumma
  • 1 liten bit ingerfära
  • 500 g russin
  • lite pommeransskal
Blanda alla ingredienser i en 10 L spann.
Rör om en gång om dagen.
Lägg på foliepapper med hål i löst.
Låt stå i 3-6 veckor. Sila och häll upp på flaska.
Blir ca 14-15% alkohol.


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